Finance Director

Purpose of the Position : 

  • Ensure reporting on time and at the expected level of quality while ensuring compliance with accounting, tax, local and legal standards and procedures, as well as internal control.
  • Guarantee the good administrative and financial management of the company.
  • Control the proper execution of the strategy and procedures defined with management and coordinate the services for which he is responsible.

Job Functions and Responsibilities :

  • Management of the teams in charge of accounting, treasury, taxation, management control, audit, law, information system, general services, purchasing activities.

Administrative management :

  • Define the main orientations of the control systems.
  • Set up the management procedures and indicators necessary for monitoring activities and reporting to management.

Accounting, management control, reporting :

  •  Guarantee the reliability of the company’s accounts and the establishment of financial and accounting documents in accordance with the legislation.
  •  Supervise the accounting teams in compliance with deadlines and procedures and ensure the production of reporting to the group, on time as well as in quality,
  •  Supervise the consolidation of financial data and IFRS accounting standards.
  •  Supervise management control in its missions and the preparation of results.
  •  Develop the budget and the business plan in accordance with the strategic choices of the shareholder and the general management.

Cash-flow, credit, collection, banking relations :

  •   Develop the company’s financing plans and validate the cash budget meeting the needs of external financing.
  •   Ensure an efficient working capital requirement for the subsidiary and maintain positive cash generations from the operations.
  •   Define and monitor the credit policy in collaboration with the procurement and sales department.
  •   Seek assistance from banks and support from investors, and adapt outstandingly to changes in financial markets.
  •  Ensure proper management of the company’s assets.

Business law, taxation :

  •  Organize boards of directors and general meetings in compliance with legal obligations.
  •  Coordinate legal advice in specific cases.
  •  Control the company’s legal commitments (insurance, subcontracting) by centralizing and validating all the contracts established.
  •  Ensure compliance with legislation, and ensure legal and contractual monitoring.
  •  Define tax choices with experts (tax expert, auditor, auditor), and ensure relations with tax services.
  •  Oversee the settlement of disputes.

Human resources :

  •  To be the guarantor of the respect of social obligations and the legislation in force. Ensure a legal watch.
  •  Supervise personnel administrative services (payroll, employment contracts, personnel files).
  •  Supervise recruitments, career management, training.
  •  Set up the remuneration policy in conjunction with the operational directors.
  •  Manage relations with an employee representatives.

Information system, organization, procedures :

  •   Pilot the implementation of new management tools, such as ERP and reporting tools.

Communication :

  •  Guarantee the timeliness and reliability of financial information.
  •  Ensure relations with regulatory authorities.

Purchases :

  •   Support operational staff in negotiations with suppliers.
  •   Involvement in the negotiation process with suppliers to optimize the payment terms with suppliers where possible.

Staturory, Tax and internal audit :

  •   Supervise the internal audit missions of the company’s departments.
  •   Ensure timely completion of the statutory audits and obtain a clean audit opinion.
  •   Proactively prepare for Tax audits and follow the closure of all points raised by tax office on a timely basis. To ensure a good working relationship with the tax office.

Minimum Qualifications :

  • Masters in Finance minimum in Management, finance-accounting, control-accounting-audit with a minimum of 5 years of experience in similar functions
  • Knowledge of finance, accounting, social and business law, taxation, audit, and management control.
  • Cross-disciplinary and hierarchical management
  • Required qualities : Organization / Rigor / Critical thinking and synthesis / Anticipation / Intellectual integrity / Pragmatism.

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