Delivering the future of infrastructure in Africa

NETIS provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to support the telecom infrastructure. We are experts in site deployments and we could develop during the last years a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and challenges of telecom operators.

Key Figures :
New Telecoms
Sites Constructed
+ 2 000
Number of Telecoms Sites
Managed for Customers
+21 870
Total Sites Controlled and
Maintained with Drone
+ 900

NETIS Solutions

We offer a new approach to designing, building, and deploying telecom network infrastructure.
We seek long-term and win-win partnerships with telecom and mobile network operators and infrastructure companies by achieving exceptional performance, respecting deadlines and guaranteeing the highest standards in quality and safety.

Industry Expertise

We support the evolution of telecom infrastructure by providing reliable technologies backed by NETIS expertise, performance and quality,
With our high-qualified team of experts, we help you to think through your future needs, consumer demands, and technical goals to develop a comprehensive end-to-end solution

Drone-Powered Business Solutions

Our technology enables your business to achieve inspections and assessment of your infrastructure quicker, safer and at a lower lifecycle cost by routine digital transformation and remote working analytics.

NETIS is offering drone solutions across Africa to telecommunications providers. It includes more than just the drone flying around the towers, Drone by NETIS is an added value services that can inspect installed equipment at the top of towers or over large areas with greater speed, lowering costs and reducing the risks to staff. The drones can take pictures, videos, measurements and readings

    Our Commitment To Improve Work Conditions :

    ✓ Getting better results with less time and exposition
    ✓ Reducing Height risk
    ✓ Improve work conditions

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