Energy Saving, Renewable Sources and Constantly Operating Equipment

NETIS is offering to Telecommunication providers, industrial and residential markets, efficient and reliable solutions to maintain a constant power supply, to prevent power outages, and to ensure the operability of equipment, and networks.

Key Figures :
Total Solar Sites
Maintained in 2022
+ 529
Total Solar Sites
Build in 2022
+ 78
Total HV Transmission Lines’
Towers Maintained in 2022
+ 900

NETIS Solutions

We participate in the new energy transition for the West-East Africa by providing up-to-date solution in the energy industry
NETIS offers multiple solutions, fitting each sector’s requirements and meeting the environmental challenges of the African countries.

Energy revolution with Smart Grids

Building safe, secure, and efficient energy infrastructure in Africa by ensuring:

  • Energy transition development and implementation of smart Grid.
  • Ensuring the transport, transformation, and distribution of Energy, by creating the adapted energy infrastructure (design, construction, commissioning, and maintenance).
  • Overhead and underground electrical transmission line (EHV) and (HV).
  • Electrical substation of electrical transformation (EHV) and (HV).
  • Participation in the transformation of the energy sector, towards renewable energies, specifically in wind power, by the construction of evacuation infrastructures.
  • Maintenance and Inspection in the field of energy infrastructure.

Our Fields of Expertise

NETIS is a leading energy solution provider across Africa for
its valuable telecom customers.
We provide consistently high-quality services that add value at every stage of your project’s lifecycle.
Our services can broadly be categorized into the following three business models:

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